Friday, March 4, 2011

Pennant Wall Art

The gallery wall is finally complete!
Check out from whence it came here (is that how you say it!? I'm notorious for getting cliches wrong!)

Next up in the hallway art is my favorite piece
well, besides the ones of my children's heads.

And if you missed a few posts, they're not actually my children's heads. They are silhouettes.

No need to alert the authorities.

A lot of the things I do have been inspired by other projects I've seen.

I'm proud to say that this one I dreamt up while trying to figure out how to fill that last frame!

1. Cut triangles out of cardboard. (I forget what type of triangles, geometry was so long ago!)  
These will be your pennants. The number and size you cut will depend on what size frame you're using. 

2. Cut scraps of leftover fabric, enough to cover the front and wrap around the backs of the pennants.

3. Run a thin strip of hot glue along the top of the pennant, fold your fabric over and press.

4. Wrap the sides like you would a gift. Tuck and fold baby, tuck and fold.

5. Trim away the excess. The back doesn't have to be pretty, it'll be attached to your background.

6. Flip, admire, and repeat.

7. I used just the frame. No glass, no backing. So laid the ribbon for my pennant across the front, then I hot glued some fabric pulled taut for my background. Then just glue a ribbon across the back to hang the frame from!

Incase you didn't know this, I love my hot glue gun!

8. Glue each pennant flag to your background. Then manipulate the ribbon to get the curve and attach the ribbon to the tops of each flag. 

Tip: start from the middle and work your way out, just eyeball it. Even shmeven.

The last one is done!

Here's the final product(s)! 

Sorry about the wocky angle, you can only press your back against a wall so much!

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