Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hall Wall (why do I always want my post titles to rhyme?!?)

So I mentioned before that I was crushin' on Sandra's home tour at Sawdust and Paperscraps

Here is one of my favorite photos 

(pulled straight from my "Inspiration" photo folder in our photo program.)

I highly recommend everyone has one.

::stepping off my soap box now::

Is it not absolutely fantastic!? I love gallery walls but sometimes they look too busy. Instant solution to the business is to have frames that are all the same (or 3) colors.


So here's what I had to work with.

A snoozer hallway which leads into our shweet foyer

So I measured out what space I'd have to work with on the wall and recreated that space on the floor with masking tape.

Then grabbed every empty (or with a photo but siting in a closet) frame I owned

Just start messing around with it! 

Taking photos of each layout helped so much because then I could flip back through them to see which one I liked better. I have about 40 more....but I'll spare you with just one more option....

Then OCD me made a color plan before I started painting my frames. (And if you're super observant, you'll notice that I made a change even after I made my "map")

And here we are today!

I framed more than just photos.

Sea life corpses (ha...thats my starfish)
Quotes I love
Silohuettes of people I love (more on that later!)
and scrapbooking embellishments (the one I used says "Love")

yeah...we're kind of fond of love around here...

And if you're wondering the quote says
"I've fallen in love many times...always with you."

Oh yes, and a plate. Because its cute, and I can.

Notice that I have two empty frames? Thats because I'm brewing up two more craftastic things to do in those and share tutorials with you guys.

Because thats how I roll.


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