Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gallery Wall Silhouette

When I revealed our gallery wall in the hallway I had two empty frames.

Well nekkid no more! 

Here's an art project for our first lil nudie...

This is another silhouette (because I love them) and it was done the same way I did the silhouettes of the kids. Google and all.

1. Google whatever silhouette image you desire, for our dog Braylin I searched "labrador silhouette"...because she's a labrador and all

2. Print and cut

3. Place your image onto a piece of black cardstock

4. Trace and cut

For the look I was wanting, I wanted the "matting" for my frame to match the actual matting that was used for the silhouettes of the bambinos. So...

5. Cut white cardstock to fit your frame, and then another piece just large enough to fit your silhouette.

6. Cut black cardstock about 1/4" larger than your smallest white piece

7. Layer and compare to your subject

See!? I just got a google image and saved so much time and frustration! 

Can you imagine trying to get a big dopey dog to stand still long enough to get the perfect photo needed to make a silhouette!? I'll pass.

One nekkid frame down. One more to go!




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