Monday, November 8, 2010

Master Bedroom Mood Board

I made my first ever mood board!

I've had all these ideas floating around my head, and it feels so good to get them out! (You think maybe I freed up some memory space!?) Wouldn't that be nice!

So here's a look at whats been going on up in ol' la cabeza...
Master Bedroom

I already have the coverlet and bedding shown here (its patiently waiting in the closet to be used in a new room!) 

Quick plug for my bedding. Click that link. Go on. Click it.
See that?! $80 for the bedding? Well one Target day I strolled past the clearance and found it marked down to $20! Can you believe that!? I did a jig in the aisle for sure!

And the leaner mirror (purchased this weekend at WalMart of all places!)

I plan on asking for some of the stuff for Christmas 

Hello Santa, I would love 
two glass table lamps for the nightstands! 
I've been REALLY good this year! 

I've already spied the bench @ CSN
The plans for the Farmhouse canopy bed (which will be painted black to match the bench) @ KnockOff Wood (and husband already has them printed!)
And the curtains @ Ikea

The armoire and nightstands I plan on buying on Craigslist and DIY-ing the distressed paint job as well as the board and batten walls.

The starburst mirror? Maybe something round turned mercury glass like? I don't really need another mirror above the bed, just something to bounce some light around. Hmmm.....

This Mood board now doubles as my Christmas list! Ha!

Its a lot but definitely doable!

So what do you think!?


  1. Nice job T-money! I'm loving the calm cool colors and can't wait to see it all finished. Feel free to borrow ANY of my tools to help it along :)

  2. Greetings Friend...
    You have a wonderful blog & I look forward to following along with you through lifes many adventures!