Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can't buy me love...oh wait, yes you can!

Remember this post about Joy's fork turned keychain?! Well we had tucked that away in our catalog of spifferfic ideas. Fast forward 2 months and Jenna and I were at "the worlds largest yardsale" (it was pretty stinkin big, but I've heard of bigger...just sayin). 

Jenna with her eagle eyes spotted a drawer of old silverware. Lo and behold...the ten cent spoon collection!!!

On second thought, since we're offering one of these to a lucky winner, I feel cheap telling you how much the spoon cost.

Lo and behold, the 50 dollar spoon collection!!!

There, much better.

So Jenna took her Hulk hands and snipped off the spoony parts with a tool that we don't know what its called, but is now dubbed the spoonypartsnipperoffer

Look at those bulging muscles!

(We also filed down those razor like tips with a metal file so you would not maim yourself reaching for your keys) 

We didn't take a picture of that though cause I was too busy freaking out about the horrible noise it makes (Like when your pencil eraser is almost gone an you erase and scrape the metal on the paper...it hurts me to even type that.)

Then I took my horrificly neglected hands and disgusting cuticles and bent the handle around a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Then I stole keyrings from unsuspecting sets of keys (or if you're not as impatient cheap resourceful as I am, you could buy some)

Then we did what any mature twenty somethings would do, we arm wrestled chose which ones we could get

But guess what, there is three, and there is only two of use. So know what that means!?


Yes, it is exhausting being this awesome.

To enter...

1. Become a follower (then leave us a comment telling us you've done so). Or if you are already a follower, just leave us a commenting telling us that you are already addicted!

2. Leave us a comment sharing something you have stored away in your catalogue of spifferific ideas

There ya go, 2 entries per person!

Make sure you leave us a way we can contact you if you win!

Giveaway closes Sunday night at 10pm 

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  1. or you could just bend them into napkin rings, right????

  2. My name is Denice and I'm addicted to Percolating Projects. :) Love your ideas. (My birthday is December 1st) lol

  3. I have a whole folder of ideas that I save off the web. A lot of them are kids crafts, but a big majority is also cute things for my daughter. :-)

  4. I just signed up to be a follower.

    I'll have to think about the other.


    barbara jean

    PS great idea!

  5. I'm a follower - & yep yes I am happy to admit addicted!

  6. Um, spifferific ideas - have lots! - the latest one is to make a terrarium - with moss, and a mini football & goal post for my BIL for his desk at work.

  7. Cute! I like the handy step by step too!
    You chicks are talented!

  8. love it! I'm working on being not such a messy girl!

  9. What a great idea! I am now a follower. I don't have a great idea yet but will be thinking!

  10. That's a lot of fun - glad you found that $50 spoon collection :).

  11. I'm thinking about all the projects I want to complete from Knock Off Wood!

  12. What a great Give Away. I think spoon creations are so wonderful!

  13. What a great giveaway and a super creative project! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today.


  14. I am a follower and I am making a fish out of a soda bottle! Love the spoon idea.

  15. What a cute idea! I am a follower, now!!!

  16. That is great idea, might have to try it out. My current key chain is broken. Thanks for the inspiration!! One of my ideas was to get a cool set of silverware - knife, fork and spoon and put them in a frame for the dining room.

  17. I love Horchata too! When you use that recipe of mine, I think it tastes even better with less Sweetened Condenced milk, and more whole milk. Depending on how thick and sweet you like it! Heads up.. its delicous! I would love to know how it turns out~!