Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At least SOMEONE has been crafty!

'Ight folks... T-money and I have been crazy nutzo slightly psychotic busy and have completely neglected you wonderful people.  Although we feel so terrible about this that we've dumped ourselves into several gallons of Phish Food ice cream, our lives simply do not allow for ANY type of consistency.  (Just ask our husbands, dishwashers, or dusting)

But since a friend of mine 'lovingly' said I needed to do something on this blog because she was getting bored, I thought I would at least show you SOMEONE'S crafty abilities!  A few weeks ago I won a gift card for the seriously awesome ebay seller Able Mabel on TodaysGiveaway.Net

The $25 goes a long way on her site, so I got 2 signs that are just adorable.  I'll share one with you today and the other is a surprise gift for someone so you'll have to just wait to see that one.

I absolutely love it!  If you need a last minute Mother's Day gift, she has some really cute things, and mails out orders very quickly.  

*okay Melissa- there's your post.  Happy?* ;)

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