Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowy Candlescape

This is a simple project, but I love the outcome!  Total price of this was about $3.50 TOTAL with epsom salt leftover for some body scrub.

I started with some plain white unscented pillar candles, but any color would do.  Since I'm cheap... I mean uh- FRUGAL I just used the least expensive candles I could find.  Use a few different heights of candles to give a good visual outcome.  (If you can't get the 3 different heights just wait until I show you how I fixed my problemo!)  Take out your Mod Podge, scrap ribbon, and buy some epsom salt.

Start by pouring some epsom salt onto a paper plate, tray, or whatever you want to use.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the outside of your candle and then roll it in the epsom salt to fully cover.

Now- if your candles are only 2 heights instead of 3 (like mine) you can do what I did.  The final outcome wasn't exactly what I wanted, but that's okay cause I used accessories as a distraction from my flaws.  I started by cutting off the top of a short candle.

Melt the wax on the top of the cut candle and the bottom of a tall candle to kind of 'fuse' them together.  Then use a lighter to melt the sides to TRY and make a smoother side.  As I said- the outcome was NOT what I was hoping for but oh well!  Who really cares?!

Arrange your 'snowy' candles, attach a little ribbon with hot glue, and use a few scrapbook embellishments, glass marbles, and whatever you like to make it your own!

I like this a lot because it's not just limited to Christmas, it can stay up through February.   I AM IN LOVE with my Snowy Candlescape.  Hope you are too!!!!

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  1. So awesome Jenna, and so easy! I love it.

  2. gosh, you make this seem so easy, I can't believe how gorgeous this is!

  3. VERY VERY pretty! I love the snowy look!

    Thanks for linking! : )