Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Cloche

Here's another great (great=cheap) quick project that can easily be transformed for each holiday.

I found these beauties at our local consignment shop for a whopping total of $3.50.

I started by pulling the legs off of the cheese plate with a pair of needle nosed pliers (sounds painful, I know)

Then I painted my mini urn and the cheese plate black and sanded them to give them that distressed look that would eventually occur in my house if I didn't start it out like that anyways. Then I glued the two pieces together with Locktite epoxy.

Ready to be stuffed with holiday!

This was our harvest cloche

I spruced it up even more for Christmas. I placed it in a tray (which I already owned) and bunched up  some red place mats. Then I wrapped some garland around the bottom and stuck some ornaments inside.

               Don't ask me how to pronounce it, but I am linking this little ditty up
to the Holiday Cloche Party @ A Stroll Thru Life


  1. Super cute. I especially like the Christmas one that is placed in the tray. Looks so festive.

  2. I just stopped over here from Shanty to Chic. I love this! I can't wait to look around some more.

  3. Great project - I have made a handful of cloches from super great finds at my local Goodwill! I love it when you can make something so great for such a great price.


  4. Thanks for joining the Cloche Party. I am so thrilled to see you made a lovely cloche. Both of your arrangements in it look wonderful. The tutorial was fun too. Hugs, Marty