Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Glass vs. Mercury Glass

Anyone else getting the mercury glass itch this year? 
(Maybe it was last year's itch and I'm a little slow?) 

But I'm loving it this year! So I decided that if I could figure out how to DIY some mercury glass ornaments, then I could go wild and mercury everything else in my house! So here was the trial run...

Get some of these...

and a can of this

oh...and a 

full of water. Easy enough.

Ok, well the Looking Glass spray paint by Krylon was a little tough to find. But its worth it! I tried it with their chrome spray paint in a moment of weakness and its not the same. Persevere! Find it! 

I got mine at Hobby Lobby (the second store I checked). And get a coupon. Its 11 bucks a can!

So I started with a trial on one ornament. 

 I started on the inside:

1 spray of the spray paint
1 spray of the water
then swirl and dump whatever excess

let it sit upside down to dry and you end up with this

liked it. Didn't love it. So then I read the directions on the ca. Ha!

It said that one side has the mirror like finish. 

I looked inside the ornament. Yep...the mirror like finish was on the inside. Woops!

No biggie. It was assembly line time anyways.

So I strung up the rest of the ornaments on the frame of the swing set 
(just loop the string around the top of each ornament and they'll stay put without touching each other)

Repeat the same process. 
Spray with spray paint.
Squirt with water.

No swirling and dumping this time...yay!

Lets compare shall we?

A vintage mercury glass ornament I got at the thrift store (more on that later)

Then my glass ornament.

Pretty darned close!

Here's the tree all decked out!

 We're doing a small tree this year because we are leaving for home (Boston) on the 21st! 

*pause for happy dancing*

So there you have it. My glass vs. Mercury glass!

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  1. This is awesome!! They look like the real thing! Thanks for the sweet comment today.


  2. Wow! Love it. I might just have to try this myself (in all my spare time (ha!). What pat of Boston? My son goes to college in Wenham. I love, love, love New England!!!

  3. Yours looks great. I just found some of the spray paint after hunting at every store. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the info very helpful

  4. Wow, yours came out great. I love it and it doesn't look any "newer" than the true vintage ornament.

  5. Good job! I don't think I would have been able to guess which was real and which was fake :)

  6. Oh. my. heck! I LOVE how this turned out! I've been waiting for the *perfect* faux mercury treatment for ornaments and this is it. Thanks!

  7. Very cute Tanyer!! And I love the tree, very beachy!

  8. I've been sitting on (not literally) a can of this paint and some small votives for close to 3 weeks now. I'm scared...but dang it, I'm busting it out tomorrow! Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  9. This is awesome! Your version turned out perfect!

  10. Oooo, I have got to try that. Thanks for the inspiration!! Love the look of your tree and the mercury glass ornaments. It is really fun!!

  11. Very pretty! I have been wanting to try this on SOMEthing; maybe ornaments are the key!