Friday, July 22, 2011

Mistreated Dining Room Window

I'm over red. In our first house (a parsonage in Michigan) I was all about red. So much that we had the red accent our kitchen....just like everyone else.

Then we moved into our first real home (read: we actually have to pay for it and the fix stuff that breaks) I just transferred the red curtains from casa #1 to casa #2. And then they sat, for 3 years.

Well I'm over it baby!!!

Here is a (kinda) shot of the dining room window before. The dining room curtains is the panel on the right. The curtain on the left of the pic is in our living room, (we have an open floor plan) but those also got the boot!

And here is the window now...lurve it! 

I bought two shutters from a local junk store and spray painted/distressed them.

Enter real life crafty friend: Missy. On a recent shopping expedition, we hit up World Market.

She told me about how she just uses their printed napkins for her kitchen curtain.

So I got a table runner that was on clearance (woot!) and attached it to the wall....with thumbtacks.

Well hello new mistreated curtains!

1. A window treatment made all wrong. No perfect sewing, lining, interfacing, or measuring allowed. 
2. Fabric that makes you happy and whatever method of attachment you prefer: tacks, hot glue, ring clips, upholstery tacks, whatevs.

Yay! Now go mistreat something...

  But not an animal.


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