Friday, June 3, 2011

Ode to Summer

Today was the definition of summer day.

I loved watching this out my window...

Graham is in a baseball phase. The batting helmet is a hand me down from our niece (Thanks Kait) and it is by FAR his favorite accessory....yes my 3 year old son likes to accessorize. 

I got to play around with my (only) willing model. My sweets, Anna.

It doesn't hurt that I bribe her with accessories either! :)

We ate this for dinner while my husband professed his love for another woman. But its ok, because I love her too!

If you ever feel like rocking your family's faces off. Make them this burger. I promise. (Ok, well our kids had the usual fixins but their faces were still rocked off.)

And over dinner we discussed this

and then I got sad thinking that my summers with them are numbered.

So now I wait, for my family to return home from the baseball game so we can enjoy our lemonade cupcakes. 

Thank you Wal Mart bakery for letting me suck at baking but still make great memories!


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