Monday, March 21, 2011

Botox for Your Couch

We love having people in our home.

Every Sunday night, we have our youth group over for small groups.

Love them.

But some of these...

combined with the damage that comes naturally from two kids, a husband and a...

our couch was looking pretty sad.

(Yes, I was half way into this project when I decided to blog about it. Blogging foul.)

Look at those back cushions! Can you say, emaciation!?

So while the cushion covers were in the wash, I decided to get a little MacGuyver-y and fix those wasted cushions!

1. Take some toss pillows that you were planning on clearing off the couch for the spring and summer to "lighten" it up a bit. Like these bad guys. And also the pillows that came with the couch ::cough oneyearago cough:: that you've never liked

2. unzip the bottoms of the cushions and stuff-and-fluff

Its like Botox for your couch!

Without any of those face numbing side effects (think: Tim Allen in 'Christmas with the Kranks')



3. For an extra little sumin' sumin', I sprayed each foam cushion with Febreze before I recovered them. Let it dry, and rubbed carpet powder into each cushion. Then recovered. Now every time someone sits down, you get a whiff of Spring Rain....its glorious.


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