Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pillow Shmillow

I thought I didn't have enough time to do it all...




Youth Group



But then you know what I realized?! They actually exist in my life better together than apart. Because when all the items listed above makes me want to cry and rock in the fetal position, the bottom of the list helps me cope! (Ask me about coping mechanisms...go ahead, Behavioral Health Nursing classes has them DRILLED into my brain!)

So while my blogging has been hit and miss, my crafting has not. I need it. And coffee. And chocolate....oh, and Glee.

So to compromise and try to allow everything to exist in harmony, I have to adjust. So for now, my crafty goodness consists of quick projects with stuff I can easily get my mitts on. Oh and cheap! (Hello...college student crafting here!)

Here's a peek at one

I found two down pillows at our consignment store for 2 dollah (hollah!!). Since second hand pillows from a stranger gives me the complete heeby geebies, I decided to use them for throw pillows on the couch. (These were clean. Unstinky. And nicely fluffed pillows here. I'm not recommending this unless you find a dazzling white pillow that is unstinky and nicely fluffed!)

To start I figured out the size I wanted my pillow to be and shook all the feathers into one side of the pillow and sewed up the opposite end.

Then I cut the end off that I didn't want and took the pillow outside to pick out the extra feathers that were trying to escape.

I cut my fabric a little wider and twice as long (plus a few inches for overlap) than my pillow form dimensions. (Can you see how exact my measurements are here!?). Then I overlapped the pillow to make an envelope and sewed it with wrong sides together.

(and to reiterate the fact that I only use stuff thats easy to get my hands on I included this shot. I forgot to grab some pins so I used my earring to hold the fabric while I stitched.)

Turn right side out

and stuff with dazzling white pillow that is not completely disgusting but is from the second hand store.

Cute. No?

And let the record show that pretty much all I can sew is pillows. As evidenced by my couch being over taken with pillows!


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