Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Folding a fitted sheet...nerd alert

Ever have one of those days that you don't intend to be productive?
At least in the home sense.
Well thats what happened to me yesterday, until I watched this...

then I thought about this

::groan::sigh::wail::gnash teeth::

Pretty horrific, isn't it? I assure you my house is not normally like this.

Maybe my house doesn't get like this because my closets are.


anywho, so I decided I should probably get on that and all.

Best way to clean something...empty it out, COMPLETELY.

Then I took all the stuff and sorted it into piles.


This closet also doubles as my gift/craft goodies closet.

Yeah, we're gonna need a bigger house.

Then refold (the correct way)
and label....because thats how I roll.

Yeah, I used masking tape to label.

Until I discover a label maker, or a Cricut (or Silhouette!) on my front steps thats how I'm gonna roll.

Then step back and enjoy the beauty that is organized chaos.

PS. When I (proudly) showed this to my husband later that evening he said, "Yeah....I'm not gonna be putting towels away cause I don't want to mess that up."

Nice Try, Love.


  1. For the record I won't be putting towels away not because I don't want to mess that up but because I don't want to experience your wrath when I don't do it your way... opps... I mean the RIGHT way.

    Love you babe. Nice blog by the way.

  2. Looks lovely! My linen closet is in DIRE need of an overhaul, too. I read somewhere about storing an entire set of sheets inside one of the pillowcases, so I think I may go that route....