Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitchen Switchin

Whenever I told someone that I was planning on repainting our kitchen cabinets they'd do the sympathetic head tilt and say, "aww good luck with that". I never quite understood why until I actually got started!

Cabinets are a beast to paint. After you take all the doors down, you have to degrease them, sand, prime, paint, hardware (I just repainted mine with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spraypaint). Then rehang them, and touch up for the next 1,000 years of your life. But I promise the hard work pays off!!!

Here's what I had to start with(I'm just showing my favorite nook for now, more to come later)

After I took off the doors, I decided to leave the ones in the nook off. I painted the inside of the cabinets black to offset my white dishes. After several coats with a paintbrush, I was really wanting to get a smooth streakless finish on there. So I spray painted. Inside. Unventilated. Drop cloth free. I also do my own stunts. Then I woke up the next day on the kitchen floor with an empty can of spray paint in hand...kidding! I wouldn't really suggest it, but it worked perfectly. (Hows that for a disclaimer?)

I didn't even wait til the doors were hung to put my dishes in there. We got them at the Pottery Barn Outlet when we first got married. Pottery Barn, OUTLET (Best. Place. Ever.)

The doors were hung and then I started the immediate hunt for corbels, baskets, and a plate rack for my platter on top of the cabinet. I also added two more jars for our flour, and sugar. Doesn't everyone line their dog bones up with their baking goods?

 I got two pine shelf brackets for $6 at Lowes and painted them the same white as the cabinets. glued em up! 

Know what else I hot glued!?

Shoe molding around the cabinets! Now where the cabinets touch the wall and soffits, there is a perfect white seam and no more of this...

Here's a before and after. (You can tell my dishwasher is full in the after shot cause we're almost out of cups...priorities people!)

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  1. great job. that whole nook looks so much more fresh and brighter.

  2. Wonderful! If that looks this good, then the rest of your kitchen will look wonderful! It is definitely worth it. Hugs, Cindy S

  3. you should just leave the doors off!!