Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PB Troubles

No not Pottery Barn troubles but peanut butter.  I'm serious as a heart attack yo!  There was a sale at a local grocery store on Peter Pan peanut butter- the ONLY kind my husband will eat.  Long story short there was a miscommunication and instead of coming home with 3 small jars of peanutty goodness, my husband came home with 6 LARGE jars of peanutty craziness!

The 6 large jars already had 2 medium sized sisters at home, and it's just Dave and I so the peanut butteriness has now overwhelmed us.  I NEED RECIPES!!!!!!  Please help me, because this is on my counter since I have no room in my pantry......


  1. Here's my favorite way to eat peanut butter: You'll need a Hershey's chocolate bar and one of those jars of peanut butter.
    1. Unwrap candy bar.
    2. Open peanut butter.
    3. Break off one square of chocolate.
    4. Dip in peanut butter.
    5. Enjoy.

    I'm joking of course (mostly)! But if you go to cooks.com or allrecipes.com and search by the words "peanut butter" and "peanut," you'll find more recipes than you can count.

  2. you can also look on the tasty kitchen (pioneer woman's site)

    i love making those no bake cookies when i have tons of PB. or PB cookies.

    also, this is gonna sound crazy, but you need to make some peanut butter pizza. i'm serious. my parents always talked about their fave pizza place when they were dating and how they served PB pizza. my brothers & i thought they were nuts and so one day we came home & my parents had bought the ingredients and made it for us... and it was delicious! and so simple! you just take your pizza crust, spread a layer of PB on it, then make the rest of the pizza as normal (spread tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, etc). it is SO good. i promise.

  3. Take peanut butter jar off the shelf.
    Open the jar.
    Peel off the protective paper.
    Get large spoon.
    Start eating.

  4. Biggest laugh of my day thus far! You can do no bakes with them... I know the recipe is on allrecipes. Oats, cocoa, peanut butter... not sure of the rest... but peanut butter is definitely one of them. OOOOHHH! And there's a really good peanut butter pie recipe on all recipes also. I know I'm being only vaguely helpful... if you want, I can send my 7 year old peanut butter and jelly MACHINE to your house and he can have at leat half your supply annihilated by the weekend... just let me know!