Monday, February 8, 2010

My Remote Wrangler

We live in one of 'those' houses.  The ones where the remote control is never where you left it, the husband can't find it, the dogs are no help at all, and we don't have a tracking device on it.  BUMMER!  Worst part is that we DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS YET!!!!  Dave and I are in SO much trouble when we have kids misplacing our stuff too.

While I would love to blame my husband for the disappearing remote control fiasco, I have to admit I AM to blame sometimes.  I've found remotes in my junk drawer, car, dresser drawer, bathroom, and other random places.  Ergo I decided I needed.... a tray for my remotes!!!!  YAY!

Start with one UGLY DUCKLING tray, complete with glitter overlay.  The poor lady at the thrift store took the taped sticker off carefully cause she was nervous she would tear the picture.  Poor sweet fool!
Tear the duckies to smitherines as much as you can.  If some of it won't come off then soak the rest of the paper in warm water by dripping it into the tray.  After letting it sit for a while, rub off the paper with either with your finger or a scraper for a pizza stone and it should come off beautifully!

Then you can either prime it (which I wish would have been my choice) OR you can sand the bugeezus out of the thing.  Rough on the fingers and a little more time consuming.

Spray paint your new tray a beautiful shade of sage green and plop it on your table.  It holds your remotes beautifully until your husband takes advantage of the empty tray and makes it his homework inbox.  Oh well!  I still love it!
Since this picture doesn't do the color justice I'm also giving you this one, and yes I know it's a HORRIBLE photo- please don't judge....
May all your remotes be wrangled!


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