Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perky Girls!

Jenna (left) is a rockstar crafter. She's got quite a bit of Suzy Homemaker in her but could totally woop Martha in an ultimate fighting challenge (even though we love her!) Her biscotti is to die for, and her trash picking skills are superb. She's a girl in the know when it comes to whats in right now and where to get the best deals. When she's not busy pounding away the keyboard at State Farm, she is the patient, adoring wife to her man-child husband Dave. She is also a mother to two crazy hopped-up-on-life puppies, Boaz and Leah.

Tanya (right) is the spray paint ninja. She is slowly gaining cooking skills on a 'survival of the fittest' basis but is much more comfortable with her handy dandy sandpaper in hand! She loves distressing anything she can get her hands on and is constantly repurposing "junk", or looking for cool new storage/organization ideas. On top of being a nursing student, she is married to an ADD prone youth pastor, Adam. Together they have two hammy kids, Anna and Graham.

Joined by their love of all things crafty (and fueled by caffeine!) these two crafty neighbors are hoping to inspire, motivate, or just plain entertain you with their projects. They may not always be perfect, they may not always be pretty (we're talking about the projects here) but they'll always be brewing something up


  1. You girls look like a blast to hang out with! Can't wait to see all the amazing things you two "percolate"!!!

  2. Yea!! I already added you to my blog reader can't wait to see all the creative ideas that come my way!!

  3. So I was on facebook and I stumbled upon a page about cakes and then I saw a blog link and tada, I found this page. Excellent ideas ladies!! God bless you in whatever you do and keep doing it because it is very Festive!!!