Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dessert, Bedrooms, and UPS

Lets have dessert first, shall we? Thats kind of how I roll anyways.

I'm in the midst of redoing our master disaster, but I'm just too excited not to go ahead and jump right to the best part (the dessert if you will).

How "in the midst of this redo am I" you ask? Well I have 3 walls painted and one of two windows dressed. Guess whats on my to do list for today. 

So lets talk about dessert. I've had my eye on Ana White's farmhouse bed since Christmas. Adam even gave me a pink tool belt for Christmas to dive into this project. Woot! The only problem was, I've never built anything. 

Well...thats not true, in 7th grade I built a model suspension bridge out of scraps. 

Don't be sucked.

My parents came out from Boston last week to visit (read:came to see the kids) and my Dad came with his work boots and back belt (how many of you just read that as BLACK belt and not BACK belt? Yeah...he is a ninja, but he's also prone to throwing out is back). Its almost like he knows me or something. So I showed him the plans and we were off! 

Shweet pink tool belt huh? I pretty much used it to hold my cell phone and nails because thats still how I roll.

Project total came in around $170. Not too bad considering its a SOLID.WOOD.BED. This thing is a beast. And I love it!

Shout out to my Momma too for sewing the bolster pillow cover for the new bed while we were working.

The before shot of our bed is ridiculous. It reminds me of UPS, "what can brown do for you?"

Well, brown can show us some detail on that bed finish...take it away UPS!

Two coats of primer + one of white semigloss + sanding + chocolate brown glaze + one coat of Minwax polycoat = love

There is still more to come, nightstands to refinish, walls to decorate (including some jewelry storage ideas and photo displays) and....painting the other 1.5 walls.

The Shabby NestA Glimpse Inside

The DIY Show Off


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