Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lamp Shade via My Super Powers

So I've discovered something great recently. The best place to buy junk is at antique stores and the best place to buy antiques are at junk stores.

Its brilliant really. The junkin stores don't know an antique when they have them, and the antiques just want to get rid of the junk because its taking up precious antique space.

So where'd I get this fine piece o' junk? At an antique store of course!

2 dolla....holla!

I wasn't really diggin' the vinyl wrapped shade though.

No problems. Just started ripping. See the fine craftmanship below? You can tell how long it took me to deconstruct this. Like .04 seconds!

I toyed with the idea of just leaving the metal frame as is on my lamp. But then I got all motherly and concerned about little fingers touching heated metal. I know....touching.

So I took a piece of burlap from my stash and traced out (with sidewalk chalk) the "rolling pattern" that my shade made.

Yep, sidewalk chalk. I've also been known to write a grocery list with crayon a time or two.

Cut and glue. If you have a finished edge (see the left side of the photo above) use that to your advantage. I used that as the top overlapping layer because it looked better.

Just work quickly gluing the burlap with your hot glue. 
The burns were worth it. Actually, its like a guitar player...the more you do it, the less it hurts.
Touching hot glue with bare hands is like my super power now.


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