Monday, December 6, 2010

Door Bore No More

A few weeks ago I woke up and decided that I didn't like the blue front door that came with our house. 
I do that from time to time you know.
Good thing I had a small can of black paint lying around.
Oh, and a can of chrome spray paint. Can't go about painting doors and leave hardware feeling all left out!


During. Yes, don't judge. I didn't remove the hardware. This was a quickie. And you know what?! Worked just as well to tape it off and spray!

A few days later I decided my little door makeover needed some accessorizing. So I grabbed the bathroom stool to sit on and a pack of these

10 minutes later (and a change of seasonal decor) I had this

Nice quickie huh!? The best part is, you can completely wipe it off (I used a diaper wipe) and start over.
Or change your message for the holiday.

Kind of like this

(pottery barn)