Thursday, May 13, 2010

At peace with the piece

Here's another quickie for you.

I wasn't going to change my decor over for the spring/summer because well...I'm not really sure why, I guess because I really liked what I had out. And nothing screamed "winter" to me. Except the Christmas tree. And thats down now. (Kidding! I take that sucker down as soon as my kids open the last gift!)

Apparently my subconscious decorator is warring with me because I keep making things. And they're springy/summery. So thereyougo.

Remember the topiary I did? Well I had some boxwood left over from that so I was looking for another way to use it. Enter...giant styrofoam ball

Ok, not quite that big, but it was the biggest Michaels had. And if I didn't have a coupon, I totally wouldn't have gotten it! $20 for that sucker! Good thing I only paid $10 (and since that was the total of the centerpiece, I could be at peace with that price...or piece, get it?!?)

So I went through the same process, cut off all the little branches and pop them into the ball. Then I jammed placed the ball into a basket that I shopped the house for.

Because it was a big ball it took me a while to poke em all in. Its a good tv watching project. Because I've now learned that I'm incapable of just sitting and watching a tv show (Except 24). I've got to be doing something.

I'm now thinking its time to move onto the curtains...something flowy and light???

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  1. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous. I gave up on buying those balls. I make them out of newspaper. Just wad a bunch up and make as big a ball as I want and then put a bunch of tape around it to hold all the paper in place. If I want to place something into it, I just poke a hole with a skewere and a dab of hot glue and ta-da, it is secure as can be. Hugs, Marty