Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random Crafts

Well with Christmas, New Years, a trip to Tennessee for me, a trip to Michigan for Tanya, and me on my 5th day of being sick we haven't had much time for crafting it up.  So in order to keep you interested in our little blog here's some stuff I made using other people's tutorials AND something my ultra crafty sister made me for Christmas!

Stay tuned for some more of our own craftastic adventures once we are able to recoup!

Mom wanted a gum holder for her purse so her gum didn't get icky if/when it fell out of the box.  Used this tutorial but made it a little smaller to fit my needs.

A pre-made wreath with a few ornaments tacked on with floral wire= EASY PEASY GIFT!

My super crafty sister Lindsay made this for me.  She used a glass block from Hobby Lobby, cut out some images on cardstock with her Cricut and Mod Podged them on.  So pretty!

She even did the back of it!

And of course- in ALL it's glory!  Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!


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