Saturday, January 9, 2010

Insta plate hanger!

Here's a Saturday quickie for ya...(refrain from sarcastic comment)

I have been trying to incorporate the perfect shade of blue in with my living room decor.
So when I was shopping with my chitlins at TJ Maxx this week, I walked-nay, RAN over to my amazing plate find that I saw from three aisles over.

These Dischangers are awesome. (Or so I've heard). But remember, I'm notsopatientme. I can't boc (bock? bok? what the heck does that mean anyways!?) at the seven bucks it would've cost me for all I needed. But I'd have to wait for them to come IN THE MAIL. ::gasp::

Enter: No Wait, almost instant gratification plate hangers!

You'll need:
Glue Gun
Key Ring
Bandaid (incase you always burn yourself with your glue gun like I do!)

Cut a small strip of your ribbon. I made sure mine was short enough so the key ring would not stick up above the plate. But then again, it doesn't really matter cause you can glue it down wherever on the back of that perfect shade of blue plate.

Glue one end of the ribbon down first. Then loop it through the key ring and glue the other end down.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. (for as many pates as you have)

Let them cool COMPLETELY before you hang. Even a few minutes after. I pulled on mine too soon and it popped off. So be patient (ha!).

Mine have yet to fall down, and they've been up for several days. They are over my couch, so if they fall its all good. As long as the blue plate survives.

Oh, and no children get hurt.


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