Thursday, January 7, 2010

How To Drive Hubs Nuts (Shutter lovin')

Step 1. Declare that your hanging tv needs a friend to hug it. (::dodge strange look from husband::)

Step 2. Visit local junkster store, find a pair of old dirty shutters. (::do a happy dance::)

Step 3. Ask the teenage boy working the counter how much they want for the pair. He says, "I dunno, five bucks" FOR THE PAIR! (::pee your pants a little with excitement happy dance again::)

Quick ring me up boy, before the store owner hears what you just did!

Step 4. Show your husband your awesome new score. (::dodge strange look again::)

Step 5. Pull off the little movey thing cause you don't feel like painting it

Step 6. Paint it black (just one, for a test) and hang it on the wall for 24 hrs (::husband says the tv now looks like it has wings::)

Step 7. Decide he's right. Hate it. Stalk Visit your favorite blog for color inspiration. Mix your paints that your mother had sent out for the kids to play with (cha).

Step 8. Paint and hang. Still hate it. (Notice what hubs does when he's given up on the possibility of me wanting to go to bed before midnight)

Step 9. Sand it down some. Yeah, that black paint underneath? I totally meant to do that.

Step 10. Repeat all the same steps for the other shutter and LOVE IT.


  1. Funny babe.

    PS- I love how when i visit your blog, I discover a new nickname for myself.

  2. Totally adds in a cottagey feel. But not the cheesy kind. And I think it's wise to ALWAYS try to get in line with the aloof teenage boy.

    Well done!

  3. I hate how it takes a mistake to make something turn out! These are too cute. Helps the TV fit right in. Great Job!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  4. Looks great! I can't believe you got those for $5! Agree with Nester, I always go to the aloof teenage boys. Or at yard sales, the "I-so-wish-I-was-golfing-instead-of-having-a-yard-sale-let's-just-get-rid-of-this-stuff" husband. :)