Saturday, December 19, 2009

Framed Bow Organizer

Everyone is doing it.

Making fantastic bow holders that is.
I've seen it done many times before in frames, frames, and more frames.
I've also seen it done in old windows (of course I can't find the link now!)

So when I saw this frame on sale at Walmart for 5 bucks, I had to try it.

So here it goes...

Take everything out of your frame: glass, matting, I even used my utility knife to cut the backing off.

Then paint and distress as you please!

Next, I hot glued different ribbons across the length of the frame. I also reinforced my ribbons with thumb tacks (although I'm not sure it was necessary. I just felt better about doing it!)

Flip and clip!

Cute huh!?

It makes a great gift too. Buy some clips and bows, and you'll have one very happy little girl (And Momma!)

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